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Welcome! This web site reports since 1997 on mass customization, personalization, customer integration, and open innovation -- strategies to co-create value between companies and customers. It supplements my blog on these topics. It is edited by Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen and MIT Smart Customization Group. Most information here is in English, but some links also refer to German texts. If you find that some information is missing, please contact me for any hints or further questions.

English For an introduction into mass customization & open innovation in form of some brief articles, head here.

Deutsch The following video (in German language) provides a brief introduction into the main topics of this site (if you do not understand German: English language videos on mass customization)

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Knowledge base - papers and books on mass customization and open innovation
Configurator Database The largest database of online configuration toolkits. More than 500 online configurators from all industries (external link to our cooperation partner cyledge).

Internet Links: community bookmarks for mass customization and user / open innovation

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Corporate Lectures and Conference Keynotes

Creating value by integrating customers with mass customization and open innovation strategies is a fascinating topic for conferences and workshops on corporate strategy, innovation, marketing, and relationship management [ More information



This site is published in cooperation with the IIMCP - The International Institute on Mass Customization & Personalization ( -- a society to support research and implementation of mass customization related business processes (more info)

MCPC 2009

Mass Matching: The MCPC 2009 Conference. The MCPC conference series is THE event of the international mass customization community. The 2009 conference is over, but you still can browse the conference site.

Jarmo I. Suominen, Frank T. Piller, Mitchell Tseng (Editors): Mass Matching. Proceedings of the MCPC 2009 World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization. October 4-8, 2009 at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Proceedings will be published soon.

Proceedings of the MCPC 2007

Extreme Customization: Full Text Proceedings of the MCPC 2007 Conference at MIT. The conference is over, but you still can order the conference proceedings.

William J. Mitchell, Frank T. Piller, Mitchell Tseng, Ryan Chin, Betty Lou McClanahan (Editors): Extreme Customization. Proceedings of the MCPC 2007 World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization. October 7-9, 2007 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More information.

Interaktive Wertschoepfung

Deutsch Interaktive Wertschöpfung: Our GERMAN textbook providing a combining theory of customer co-creation, open innovation and mass customization. Download the book here (in German language). 2nd edition 2009.

Interaktive Wertschöpfung. Open Innovation, Individualisierung und neue Formen der Arbeitsteilung. von Ralf Reichwald und Frank Piller unter Mitarbeit von Christoph Ihl und Sascha Seifert, Gabler Verlag Wiesbaden, 2. Auflage, 2009. Mehr Information And: The book in the press & blogs.

Mass Customization & Open Innovation News

Direct from the MC&OI Web Blog edited by Frank T. Piller

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Introductions into Mass Customization & Open Innovation

The following press reports provide a good introduction into mass customization and open innovation. More recent press coverage can be found here.

Mass Customization

The Personal Touch: Mass Customization, SAP Info - The SAP Magazine, Vol. 120, September 2004: 12-16.English Site pil2005-3.pdf, pil2005-3d.pdf, pil2005-3j.pdf 

Customers as Co-Designers: The miAdidas mass customization strategy, IEE Manufacturing Engineer, Vol. 82, August 2003: 42-46. English Site iee03.pdf 

User co-creation & crowdsourcing ("interactive value creation")

Interactive value creation with users and customers. In: Anne S. Huff (ed.): Leading Open Innovation, Munich: Peter-Pribilla-Foundation 2008: 16-24. English Site piller_2008-pribilla.pdf 

Open / User Innovation

An interview with Eric von Hippel, MIT, on Democratizing Innovation. MC&OI Blog 2005 .English Site Download.

Von Open Source zu Open Innovation, Harvard Business Manager, 25 (2003) 12 (Dezember): 114. in german hbm03.pdf

Impressum: A web site by Frank Piller Copyright 1997-2010.

This web site is published under a "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License". Some rights reserved. (More information on this license and your rights to use material from this web site).