The Customer Centric Enterprise
Advances in Mass Customization
and Personalization


edited by Mitchell M. Tseng and Frank T. Piller





Part I:
Heading Towards Customer Centric Enterprises: An Introduction


The Customer Centric Enterprise: An integrative overview on this book
Mitchell M. Tseng and Frank T. Piller

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Part II:
Mass Customization and Personalization: Key Strategies for Customer Centric Enterprises

2 Examination of Mass Customization Through Field Evidence
Bart MacCarthy, Philip G. Brabazon and Johanna Bramham
3 The Many Faces of Personalization An integrative economic overview of mass customization and personalization
Kai Riemer and Carsten Totz
4 Economic Evaluation of Mini-Plants for Mass Customization A decentralized setting of customer-centric production units
Ralf Reichwald, Frank T. Piller, Stephan Jaeger and Stefan Zanner

Customer Driven Manufacturing Versus Mass Customization Comparing system design principles for mass customization and customer driven manufacturing
Klaus-Dieter Thoben

6 User Modeling and Personalization Experiences in German industry and public administration
Thomas Franke and Peter Mertens
7 Art Customization Individualization and personalization are characteristics of art
Jochen Gros
Part III:
Customer Centric Design and Development: Developing product families for customization and efficient manufacturing

8 Product Families for Mass Customization Understanding the architecture
Xuehong Du, Mitchell M. Tseng and Jianxin Jiao
9 Common Platform Architecture Identification for a set of similar products
Zahed Siddique and David W. Rosen
10 Reconfigurable Models and Product Templates Means of increasing productivity in the product development process
Jordan J. Cox, Gregory M. Roach and Shawn S. Teare

11 Case-Based Reasoning Rapid cost estimation of mass-customized products
Naken Wongvasu, Sagar V. Kamarthi and Ibrahim Zeid
12 Using TRIZ to Overcome Mass Customization Contradictions
Darrell L. Mann and Ellen Domb
Part IV:
Interfacing and Integrating the Customer: Getting customers involved and optimally informed

13 Web-Based Do-It-Yourself Product Design
Halimahtun M. Khalid and Martin G. Helander
14 Modeling Consumer Behavior in the Customization Process
Sri Hartati Kurniawan, Mitchell M. Tseng and Richard H. Y. So
15 Usability of Design by Customer Websites
Oon Yin Bee and Halimahtun M. Khalid

Applications of Kansei Engineering to Personalization: Practical ways to include consumer expectations into personalization and customization concepts
Rosa Porcar, M. Such, E. Alcántara, Ana Cruz García and A. Page


Knowledge Based Product Configuration A documentation tool for configuration projects
Lars Hvam and Martin Malis


The Customer at the Final Frontier of Mass Customization
Carsten Svensson and Thomas Jensen

Part V:
Customer Centric Manufacturing: Process design, production planning and control for achieving near mass production efficiency


Flexibility and Reconfigurability for Mass Customization An analytical approach
Alessandro Urbani, Lorenzo Molinari-Tosatti, Roberto Bosani and Fabrizio Pierpaoli


Distributed Demand Flow Customization
Alexander Tsigkas, Erik de Jongh, Agis Papantoniou and Vassilis Loumos


Segmented Adaptive Production Control Enabling Mass Customization Manufacturing
Jens R. Lopitzsch and Hans-Peter Wiendahl


Challenges of Mass Customization Manufacturing
Michael Schenk and Ralph Seelmann-Eggebert


Modularization in Danish Industry Poul
Kyvsgaard Hansen, Thomas Jensen and Niels Henrik Mortensen


A Framework for Selecting a Best-Fit Mass Customization Strategy: The MC Data Acquisition Framework approach
Claudia Mchunu, Aruna de Alwis and Janet Efstathiou

Part VI:
Applying Mass Customization to the Fashion Industry: Building a customer centric value chain for apparel and footwear customization


Towards the Extended User Oriented Shoe Enterprise: Enabling information technologies for process management of mass customization using the example of the footwear industry
Hans-Jörg Bullinger, Frank Wagner, Mehmet Kürümlüoglu and Andreas Bröcker


Implementing a Mass Customized Clothing Service: A strategy model for implementing a mass customized clothing service in a High Street store
Celia P. A. Taylor, Ray J. Harwood, Jane L. Wyatt and Michael J. Rouse


Individualized Avatars and Personalized Customer Consulting: A platform for fashion shopping
Thorsten Gurzki, Henning Hinderer and Uwe Rotter


Footwear Fit Categorization
Ameersing Luximon, Ravindra S. Goonetilleke and Kwok-L Tsui


Virtual Reality and CAD/CAM for Customized Shoe Manufacturing: How virtual reality and CAD/CAM enable custom shoe manufacturing in mass markets
Marco Sacco, Giampaolo P. Viganò and Ian Paris

Part VII:
New Directions: Future challenges for building the customer centric enterprise


New Directions for Mass Customization Setting an agenda for future research and practice in mass customization, personalization, and customer integration
Frank T. Piller and Mitchell M. Tseng



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